Kelverion’s Runbook Studio V5.0 makes it even easier for organizations to automate IT service desk requests and reduce IT burden. 

In its fifth iteration, The Runbook Studio has undergone a significant design overhaul. The Studio’s technical capabilities have always been exceptional and now it has a user interface to match.   On top of that, this version takes Kelverion’s low code/no-code design environment to the next level.

Design overhaul

With Runbook Studio our mission has always been to minimise the quantity of PowerShell that the user needs to input by creating an image-based, click and configure environment to create automation runbooks.

In the latest version, we’ve added a relevant icon making it easier than ever for users to identify applications and integrations associated with each step.

Information about the activity is now readily presented with icons in one glance.

Each activity also has other information displayed visually:

  • A green tick or red cross in the top left corner of the activity rectangle square shows the status of an activity.
  • The light bulb icon in the top right of an activity rectangle reveals a ‘smart’ activity.
  • A triangle indicates an expression (a written PowerShell command)
  • A refresh icon illustrates that an activity will be retried.

The Runbook Studio

Check out this video demonstration of some of the Runbook Studio features:


Link Conditions & Link Condition Editor

Links are the line connections between activities that ‘link’ them together.

In previous versions of the Studio, determining whether a link was followed required a PowerShell expression to be written. This has been eliminated in Runbook Studio V5.0 with the Link Condition Editor.

Now, users can set the requirements of the link through a series of drop-down menus, such as the order or urgency of a task. The PowerShell expression is then automatically generated from the Link Condition Editor. The Link Condition Editor is also used for ‘and/or’ functionality and adds groups and further conditions. The click and configure feature means there is no need to write any code.

Link Conditions explained

A Label has been added to the top of the runbook, displaying the runbook name. Other information such as branch, version and repository appears in the bottom right corner.
A new ‘take screenshot’ feature, accessible from the file menu, takes a picture of the runbook, which is particularly useful for documentation and compliance purposes.

Existing Runbook Studio Customers

Runbook Studio v5.0 is a simple software update to previous versions of the Runbook Studio.  Running the installer on a machine which already has Runbook Studio installed will upgrade the existing install to v5.0.

All existing runbooks will automatically be upgraded to the new style, and new icons will be built to reflect new modules when released.

About Kelverion

If you are considering using Azure Automation to automate service requests such as the above use case examples, be sure to reach out to Kelverion. We have over a decade of experience in automation both on-premise and with Azure Automation. The Kelverion Runbook Suite, which has been specially created to enable organisations to harness the power of Azure Automation is formed of 4 parts:

The Runbook Studio: A ‘click and configure’ graphical authoring environment in which to create and modify the automation processes, that will save your business hundreds of ‘man-hours’. Similar to a Visio diagram, this image-based approach means users don’t need to write lines of code.

Integrations: We’re proud that our products wrap around your existing ITSM and connect automation through our ‘smart discovery’ technology. Take a look at our Integration library.

Solution packs: pre-built automation solutions, ready to be deployed and tweaked to the exact requirements of your organisation.

Automation Portal: For those customers who don’t have a self-service portal within their service desk, we have built an automation portal; empowering end-users to complete their own service requests and fulfilling these requests with automation.

For more information, to arrange a discovery call or to see a demonstration please contact our helpful team today via