Automate IT Service Management

Kelverion automation solutions for IT Service Management deploy in days and help start your automation journey. Our customers benefit from fully supported automation, hosted in the Azure Cloud or on-premise, achieving over 400% return on investment over the first year. Whether you need to integrate management systems or automate IT services, Kelverion has a decade of experience working with the largest organizations transforming IT Service Management processes.

Why Automate IT Service Management?

Runbook Suite powered by Azure Automation

Fully configured Azure Automation runbooks and integrations to address over 70 common use cases to automate mundane and repetitive IT tasks, reducing the risk of human error and resource costs within your IT infrastructure.


Automation With System Center Orchestrator

Our range of products within Microsoft System Center Orchestrator includes 35 Integration Packs, fully configured solution packs and an easy to configure Automation Portal to trigger self-service automation.

Azure Automation best practices webinar


You don’t need to change your Service Desk or other operational tools


We wrap your existing systems and Service Desk enabling automation of cross-functional tasks and IT processes. Automation no longer requires significant up-front investment or deployment of more on-site tools.

Fully configured solution packs automate tasks such as; Joiner, Mover & Leaver; Office 365 Management; incident ticket resolution; VM provisioning; and user access requests. Remove human error and free up valuable resources by using automation to resolve these mundane and repetitive tasks. 

automate manual IT tasks

Free Up Your IT Staff

Automate manual mundane and repetitive IT tasks, releasing staff to use their skills for more complicated and rewarding projects

self service

Self-Service Fulfilment

Self-service automated fulfilment will empower end users and increase your IT Service agility

reduce process cycle time

Reduce Process Cycle Time

Tasks no longer need to wait for different teams to perform manual actions, increasing organisational agility and eliminate dependence and process bottlenecks

Return on investment

Discover High Return On Investment

Use the Value Calculator to see how organisations achieve over 400% ROI

remove errors

Remove Errors

Automation performs a task the same way every time, unlike a manual process, reducing the risk of human error within your infrastructure

improve compliance

Improve Compliance

Automation performs a task the same way every time unlike a manual process, reducing the risk of human error within your infrastructure

Why choose Kelverion for your automation partner?


Kelverion has 11 years of experience as a specialist IT Automation Provider and is used by companies worldwide. With access to over 800 product integrations and 13 fully configured solution packages to speed deployment, customers achieve first-year ROI of over 400% with 1500 users.

What Our Customers Say:

“From first contact, everyone we’ve been in touch with at Kelverion has been very easy to deal with, professional in what they do, and delivered what they promised.”

IT Service Manager, FM Service Provider

Discover high return on investment using our savings calculator

Fill in the Standard Tasks calculator with your IT demands and see how much you can save through automation.