Integration Pack for Network Messaging

Description and Features
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The Integration Pack supports:

The Kelverion Integration Pack for Network Messaging is a compliant integration for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator.

This Integration Pack enables users to exchange data with other Systems and custom applications using HTTP, HTTPS and TCP mechanisms.

This module delivers a range of re-usable activities to automate IT Functions such as:

Including custom or legacy applications into Service Desk processing, enabling operator free exchange of
data and improved data quality.

Sending data in different formats to other systems capable of processing TCP or HTTP data streams, thereby replacing manual data transfer between systems.

The ability to include data received via TCP or HTTP streams into an automation process, allowing Orchestrator Runbooks to transform the received data and forward it to systems such as Event Management Systems, CMDBs and Service Desks

Integration Pack for Network Messaging Activities:

Monitor HTTP

Listen for and respond to HTTPrequests from external systems and custom applications using HTTP

Monitor TCP

Listen and respond to incoming TCP requests


Send textual data to an HTTP server, using specified input properties and formats

Send TCP

Send textual data to a specifiedserver using TC


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