Microsoft announced the release of System Center 2022 on 1st April.

The updated Microsoft System Center Orchestrator product information can be found here.

The release brings significant improvements to the System Center suite, including an important update to Orchestrator, which is now a 64-bit application.

This new functionality enables Orchestrator to work seamlessly with 64-bit PowerShell within code activities, a revision that has been sort-after by the user base.

Organisations may be surprised to learn that the new 2022 version of Orchestrator requires careful consideration and planning before implementation; this release is not a straightforward version upgrade.

All existing Integration Packs would need to be updated in order to run on this new platform. This would include the Kelverion library of Integration Packs.

At this time, only the Orchestrator application is available from the download center with the Integration Toolkit and updated Microsoft Integration Packs to follow.

The Kelverion development team has been working on Microsoft private preview releases of Orchestrator to test the required changes to support System Center 2022 with our Integration Packs for ServiceNow and SQL Server.  Once the Integration toolkit is released, we will test the released version of System Center Orchestrator 2022 and plan an update cycle for popular Integration Packs.

As System Center Orchestrator 2022 is effectively a new application, we are reviewing customer demand for each Integration Pack prior to committing support for this release. If your organisation is planning to move to System Center Orchestrator 2022, please get in touch with your sales contact, or email to discuss your requirements for Integration Packs and migration services. There is more information on what is new in Orchestrator 2022 on this Microsoft webpage.

Update 15.12.22 – Our first System Center Orchestrator 2022 Integration Packs have now been released, these are:

Atlassian Jira (64 bit)
Data Manipulation (64 bit)
Microsoft Azure Active Directory (64 bit)
Oracle (64 bit)
OAuth Email (64 bit)
Runbook Management (64 bit)
ServiceNow (64 bit)
SQL Server (64 bit)
Text Manipulation (64 bit)

We have more IPs in the development pipeline in 2023.


About Kelverion

If you are considering using Azure Automation to automate service requests such as the above use case examples, be sure to reach out to Kelverion. We have over a decade of experience in automation both on-premise and with Azure Automation. The Kelverion Runbook Suite, which has been specially created to enable organisations to harness the power of Azure Automation is formed of 4 parts:

The Runbook Studio: A ‘click and configure’ graphical authoring environment in which to create and modify the automation processes, that will save your business hundreds of ‘man-hours’. Similar to a Visio diagram, this image-based approach means users don’t need to write lines of code.

Integrations: We’re proud that our products wrap around your existing ITSM and connect automation through our ‘smart discovery’ technology. Take a look at our Integration library.

Solution packs: pre-built automation solutions, ready to be deployed and tweaked to the exact requirements of your organisation.

Automation Portal: For those customers who don’t have a self-service portal within their service desk, we have built an automation portal; empowering end-users to complete their own service requests and fulfilling these requests with automation.

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