Automation for New User Onboarding

Description and Features
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The User Onboarding solution enables System Center owners to setup new users quickly, consistently and securely using System Center Orchestrator.

The tasks related to setting up a new user are basically simple, but for some reason they just never get done in time for the new employee or contractor to start working. If you have started a job or new assignment in the modern era you have had the experience of sitting at an empty desk your first day on the job. Over the next days and or weeks you get your phone, a desktop, and a login. That login will get you to the internet but almost certainly nothing else. The next six months are full of requests to get access to email, files, folders, SharePoint sites, remote access, and the time entry system.

To get around this problem some companies will just give you administrator rights to everything so they don’t have to worry about many days of lost efficiency. Inefficiency on boarding new users has untold productivity cost and creates potential security risks as those slower processes are routinely circumvented.

The New User Onboarding solution enables you to setup new users quickly, consistently, and securely.

Out of the box the Solution supports the following steps:

  • Create Active Directory User
  • Setup Email Account
  • Populate Active Directory Fields like Employee ID
  • Add Group Membership
  • Add Send As Rights
  • Setup Virtual Desktop
  • Setup Remote Access
  • Set Employee Start and End Times

Within the framework of the solution other steps are easily added and customizing the default steps is straight forward.

The Solution is designed to provide the foundation for your own specific User Onboarding automated process.


Watch a demonstration of the Automation Solution for New User Onboarding below:

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