Runbook Studio

A no-code, low-code automation authoring tool which enables users to create automation runbooks using a drag and drop graphical authoring powered by Azure Automation.

Graphical Authoring for Service Request Automation

Runbook Studio provides a rich graphical authoring environment for building out Service Request Automation solutions, and provides collaboration, version control and release management integration with GIT repositories.

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Team Collaboration

Team collaboration enables automation teams to work together on automation projects and any changes made to runbooks can be reviewed and tested, before being combined and committed into a master source.


Version Control

With the version control capability, users can view the files from a remote server, including their full history, and review or roll back to previous versions of the runbook.

Integration With Git

The Git framework provides customers with the ability to clone repositories, create and edit branches, commit changes, and push and fetch alterations made to remote repositories.


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Manage Azure Automation Assets

The Runbook Studio provides a workspace to manage all of your Azure Automation Assets; create automation runbooks, PowerShell automation scripts across multiple automation accounts and even multiple Azure subscriptions from within one view.


Generate Powershell Runbooks

Once the Runbook design is complete and the user has created their automation runbooks, the tool will automatically generate graphical PowerShell Runbooks for upload and execution from Microsoft’s Azure Automation service.


Smart Integrations

Kelverion has an extensive range of Smart Integration Modules to third party enterprise management tools. As you create automation runbooks, these enable the full integration of the Runbook Studio with the existing software your organization has in place.

Runbook Studio Version 5 now live

Read all about the new Runbook Studio for Azure Automation functionality in this release 

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Low-Code/No-Code Design Platform

With rich graphical authoring, smart integrations and GIT collaboration features, the Kelverion Runbook Studio allows automation teams to work together on the same runbooks using a visual development environment, with a focus on a low/no-code design approach. This significantly reduces build time and increases supportability of your automation solutions.

The Runbook Studio leverages the 800+ publicly available PowerShell Integration Modules and also has full integration with Kelverion’s growing library of Integration Modules which provide orchestration and automation of the enterprise management tools in your business. Kelverion Integration Modules offer a unique discovery API which allows the modules to conduct a detailed analysis of the target third party system and dynamically discover its configuration and setup.

The Runbook Studio
The Runbook Studio

Version Control based on Git


The Runbook Studio version control system is based on the extremely popular Git framework. When a team collaborates on a project using Git, each team member has a clone of the repository and each clone is a full backup of the data. This means that teams can collaborate on different parts of an automation project(s) and combine the changes into a master source, but in addition, this data is incredibly disaster proof.

Runbook Studio enables users to do many of the things that can be done with Git, including initializing and cloning repositories, creating and checking out branches, committing changes and pushing and fetching changes to remote repositories.

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