Integration Pack for Runbook Management

Description and Features
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The Integration Pack for Runbook Management is compliant with Microsoft System Center Orchestrator.

The Integration Pack provides Orchestrator with the ability to manage itself.

When developing Orchestrator solutions a developer usually encounters a number of challenges when trying to meet specific service level agreement goals:

Safeguard the automation solution’s running state
The consequences of a unintentionally Runbook stopping can be costly and skew the measure of the ‘real effectiveness’ of the Runbook.

Automatic recovery of a solution
An implementation requires the ability to automate the restart of a Runbook.

Automated, commanded stop or start of Runbooks
A Runbook or multiple Runbooks need to be stopped or started, for a given scenario. Resolving these Management challenges is extremely difficult using Systems Center Orchestrator. The Runbook Management IP
Pack provides the answer to achieving these goals effectively. It uses Orchestrator activities without the need of external scripts. It provides the means to easily retrieve the status of Runbook jobs as well as to stop and start Runbooks themselves. The Activities are user friendly, Runbooks are addressed by name instead of GUID’s for example.


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