Integration Module for Oracle

Description and Features
Watch an Introduction

The Kelverion Integration Module for Oracle provides significantly improved capabilities and an enhanced user experience over writing native Oracle interaction via PowerShell in Azure Automation Runbooks. Using Kelverion smart discovery the Integration Module interrogates the Oracle instance and discovers the databases, their structure and properties.

The Key capabilities added to your Runbook Studio solution include:

  • Automatically builds and executes the necessary oracle commands without user having to write or understand sql
  • Simplifies Runbook design by automatically mapping table columns to input properties, filters and published data items
  • Prevents errors by controlling access to read-only fields, enforcing mandatory inputs and by providing value browsers for common data types.
  • Smart Connections establish a reusable link between the Runbook Studio and a specific Oracle database. You can create as many Smart Connections as you require, specifying links to multiple databases. You can also create multiple Smart Connections to the same database to allow for differences in security privileges for different user accounts.

Watch a demonstration of the Integration Module for Oracle below:

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