Integration Modules for Azure Automation

Throughout our history here at Kelverion we have created and developed more than 50 different automation integrations and solutions to help make your work life just that little bit easier and less stressful. Our integrations and solutions enable you to automate the standard and manual tasks that bog down most IT and service desk staff through certified links into the relevant third party systems.

Our Smart Integration Modules complement your automation enabling you to integrate with third-party systems such as Service Desks, Enterprise Management Systems, and databases. The Kelverion Modules discover the configuration of the target system and provide a simple form-based interface to the runbook designer. This removes the need to build custom integrations and understand how your target systems are configured.

Driven by customer demand, and developed to fill the gaps in IT infrastructure and automation offerings, our Smart Integration Modules add new functionality to extend and enhance your automation process’, ensuring that your runbook creation is faster, simpler and easier to support; without advanced knowledge of the third party systems.

If you’re interested in seeing our pre-built Automation Solutions for Azure, more information on them can be found here

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