Integration Pack for Email

Description and Features
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The Kelverion Integration Pack for Email is a compliant integration for Microsoft System
Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator or System Center 2016 Orchestrator.

Orchestrator only has native support for Microsoft Exchange Email systems. Therefore companies
without an Exchange infrastructure cannot add email send and respond functions into their automatedprocesses.

This Integration pack enables Orchestrator to Send, Receive and manage Email messages via POP3,
IMAP and SMTP. Thus customers with no Exchange Email systems such as IBM (Lotus) Notes, Google Mail etc. can now leverage Email as part of an automated IT process.

The Integration Pack enables users to send, retrieve and monitor email messages. The Integration Pack works with SMTP servers (outgoing email) and POP3 or IMAP servers (incoming email).

This Integration Pack delivers a range of re-usable Activities to automate IT Functions such as:

Including POP3, IMAP and SMTP Email communication into Service Desk processing enabling
operator free exchange of data and improved data quality.

The ability to include emails received via POP3 or IMAP streams to initiate Orchestrator Runbooks to transform and populate email data into systems such as Event Management Systems, CMDBs and Service Desks.

Integration Pack for Email Activities

Monitor Email – Listen for incoming Email messages and publishes data received onto the Orchestrator databus

Get Email List – Retrieve and filter email messages in a mailbox prior to using the Get/ Delete/Move Email activities to process the messages

Get Email – Downloads the contents of an email message, including the message body and attachments

Delete Email – Delete one or more email messages

Move Email – Move one or more email messages between folders

Send Email – Send email messages

Empty Mailbox – Permanently remove email messages from a mailbox

Get Mailbox List – Retrieve a list of Mailbox names on an IMAP system

Get Mailbox Info – Get mailbox statistics for a given mailbox i.e. name, size & message count

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