Integration Pack for Nagios XI

Description and Features
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The Kelverion Integration Pack for Nagios XI is a compliant integration for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator.

This Integration Pack provides pre-defined integration and automation capabilities associated with Nagios activities, including monitoring and acknowledging Alerts.

The Integration Pack delivers a range of re-usable Activities to automate IT Functions such as:

Automated Diagnostic – Automate the monitoring of the event management system for new events and then conduct first level diagnostics

Manager of Managers – consolidate disparate event management streams into a single event management tool to provide a single pane of glass view.

As Nagios XI is a state based system the primary use case is for Nagios to feed other Event Management systems or Service Desks.

Integration Pack for Nagios XI Activities

Get Activities

Get Alerts
Get Host Status
Get Log Entries
Get Services
Get Service Status
Get State History

Monitor Activities

Monitor Alters
Monitor Host Status
Monitor Log Entries
Monitor Service Status

Acknowledgement Activities

Acknowledge Problem
Remove Acknowledgement

Downtime Activities

Schedule Downtime
Get Scheduled Downtime


Watch a demonstration of the Integration Pack for Nagios XI below:

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