ServiceNow Integration Pack for System Center Orchestrator

Description and Features
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ServiceNow Integration for Orchestrator provides a deep integration between Microsoft System Center Orchestrator and the ServiceNow platform. The Integration Pack for ServiceNow loads into the Orchestrator platform and provides 11 activities on the ‘activites pane’ in Orchestrator which can work with every table in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow REST Activities

The key to the integration is the smart discovery process which automatically builds a cache file of all the tables the Orchestrator user account has permission to see including all the fields and attributes as currently configured in your ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow originally provided a SOAP API and then added a REST API. The Kelverion ServiceNow Integration Pack now uses the recommended REST API and is available via our download page.

For existing customers using the original SOAP version of the Integration Pack we maintain a SOAP variant of the ServiceNow Integration Pack. Please note you can only use one variant of the Integration Pack in your Runbooks, migration from SOAP to REST will require a rewrite of any existing Runbooks. Please contact us for more information.

The Integration Pack for ServiceNow is fully supported and upgraded as new versions of ServiceNow are released.


The Integration Pack enable users to create, update, get and delete records in ServiceNow. They deliver a range of reusable activities to automate IT Functions such as:

Service Desk

Create service records from a wide range of enterprise management tools or custom sources. The main use case is the creation of Incident Tickets from ticket worthy events, running diagnostics and even remediating the fault, keeping the ServiceNow ticket updated at each stage for reporting. Kelverion provide a set of production runbooks to meet this use case as part of the Routing and Remediation Solution.

Monitor Service Records

Monitor for new or changed service records to automate the diagnostic/remediation process.

Configuration Management

Initiate automated changes and transform and populate data into the ServiceNow CMDB.   The Integration Pack includes the Identify and Reconcile activity to support the IRE engine which is now at the heart of ServiceNow’s CMDB integration strategy (



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