Ticket and Dev Ops Synchronization Solution

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The existence of multiple Service Desks from different vendors is now commonplace across many Organizations. In the increasingly complex application environments operated by many enterprises, there is the need for Operation and Development teams to work together closely. However both parties are likely to use different tools; for example ServiceNow for the Service Management team and a Bug Tracking tool like Atlassian Jira or Microsoft Azure DevOps for the Development team.

Incorporating reliable communication and transfer of information across such Service Desks or Bug Tracking tools in an Enterprise setting is a time consuming, labour intensive and error prone process.

Up to now automating this process has become a minefield of challenges. The first challenge is the ability to interface and bi-directionally pass data between the two systems. The second challenge is more complex and entails the ability to identify, communicate, create or dynamically update Incident changes to keep the tool synchronized.

The Ticket and DevOps Synchronization Solution meets these challenges. Users can simply raise a new Incidents in one Service Desk, for example ServiceNow, and the Incident will be automatically created in the neighboring tool, e.g. Microsoft Azure DevOps or Atlassian Jira. Subsequent changes to the Incident by either tool will be automatically relayed in isolation to the opposing system via Orchestrator. The relayed information will be in the form of communication to the respective Work Notes (ServiceNow). Operators are then equipped to update the Incident appropriately and accurately.

The Kelverion Ticket and DevOps Synchronization Solution leverages both the Persistent Data Store design philosophy and Kelverion Orchestrator Integration Packs to provide a scalable and robust solution.

It is a fully adaptable offering which is easily extendable to use your own Service Desk such as;
• BMC Helix ITSM
• ServiceNow
• CA Service Desk Manager
• HP Service Manager.

Or to use Bug Tracking System such as;
• Atlassian Jira
• Microsoft Azure DevOps

Companies Service Desk and Bug Tracking systems are configured slightly differently and Incident processes vary. Therefore the solution is provided as a flexible working framework which can be tailored to each specific customer implementation.

The benefit of the solution is that the basic design and operational workflow are already in place and only little customizing is required to accommodate the actual fields present in the Service Desk Incident Ticket or Bug Tracking system Issue Ticket.


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