VM Provisioning and Management Solution

Description and Features
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The VM Provisioning and Management Solution enables users to create and manage Virtual Machine instances on in the cloud from a Service Request Portal, automated via Microsoft Azure Automation

With the power of Cloud it is possible for anyone to stand up a Virtual Machine but first you need access to the Cloud infrastructure and then you need the expertise to build the VM in a stable and secure manner.

What happens at the moment is a free for all where VMs get built with no control, security or management by IT. What IT need is a Self Service portal they can control which gives everyone the power to build VMs but now in a controlled manner. We also recognize that for some customers using the Self Service capability of their Service Desk product is either to complex and time consuming or not feature reach. Therefore our solution leverages the power of the Kelverion Automation Portal to drive the solution. The solution provides a simple and flexible interface that prompts the user for the required information to provision a virtual machine, while remaining tightly constrained so that the users can only deploy the resources that you want in a configuration that is approved. The simplicity of the portal means that the users are not faced with dealing with the Azure Portal or understanding the complexity of the resources that are required within Azure before they deploy the virtual machines.

The solution is modular and easy to extend. Using the framework that the solution provides, it’s possible to deploy and manage on-premise virtual machine, or VM’s hosted in different cloud providers from a single easy to use portal. The flexibility of the solution would also allow you to host the Service Catalogue in the Automation Portal and then drive the Change Process via your existing Service Desk, like ServiceNow or BMC Helix ITSM for example.

New Virtual Machines are added to the Portal CMDB or could be created in your own CMDB such as BMC Atrium, or ServiceNow.

This Solution delivers the following features;

  • Self-Service Management Portal
  • Modular Runbooks to simplify support and extensibility
  • Provisioning of a full range of Microsoft Azure Images
  • Management of provisioned VM’s
  • Consistent and reliable provision of virtual machine
  • Management of VM’s across multiple subscriptions
  • Scheduling of future deployments or management actions

The Self-Service VM Provision offering supports the following Target systems:

Virtualisation Technologies

  • Microsoft Azure

Service Catalogue or Change Request

  • Kelverion Automation Portal
  • Atlassian JIra
  • BMC Helix ITSM
  • ServiceNow


  • BMC Atrium
  • ServiceNow


Watch a demonstration of the Automation Solution for VM Management and Provisioning below:

The full library of product videos can be found here: