Integration Pack for VMware vSphere

Description and Features
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Until now for companies looking to automate vSphere v6.0 or above with System Center Orchestrator had only one option – Power CLI.  Although integration in vSphere using Power CLI was possible, the commands were complex to execute from within Orchestrator.  The VMware vSphere Integration Pack from Kelverion simplifies the whole integration and automation challenge of vSphere from within Orchestrator by providing a set of robust forms Integration Pack Activities.

The Integration Pack enables pre-defined integration and automation capabilities associated with provisioning and managing VMware vSphere Virtual Machines.

The Integration Pack delivers activities to automate IT Functions such as:

Automated Provisioning – Automate the creation of resources in vSphere directly from Service Requests or automated resource scaling. Retire Virtual Machines to free up resources and reclaim licenses for re-use.

Watch a demonstration of the Integration Pack for VMware vSphere below:

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