Integration Module for Azure Infrastructure

Description and Features
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The Integration Module for Azure Infrastructure provides a set of ready built activities for integrating and executing Azure Resource management actions from within Azure Automation and the Kelverion Runbook Studio. These are forms driven activities which allow you to define interactions with Azure Infrastructure elements without having to write any PowerShell code.

The Integration Module enables you to automate actions around gathering information on Resource Groups, Resources deployed in Resource Groups, moving and removing Azure Resources and setting and removing Tags for a Resource.

The New-AzureResourceDeployment activity provides the ability to execute Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates from within Azure Automation and the Kelverion Runbook Studio.

The activity analyzes a specified template and provides activity input and output parameters dynamically, based on what parameters and outputs are defined in that template. As a user, you no longer have to provide a custom parameters JSON file when running the deployment. Instead, you can parametrize your deployment with data from your runbook via activity input parameters. The activity internally compiles all the input data into the parameters JSON structure and provides it to deployment execution, along with the template.

The Integration Module allows you to automate some key Service Request use cases:

Automate Deployment of any Azure Resource
Execute Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates to automate the deployment of any Azure Resources for which you can define via an ARM Template.


Watch a demonstration of the Integration Module for Azure Infrastructure below:

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