Why the Runbook Suite?

The Kelverion Runbook Suite provides an IT automation solution running on the Microsoft Azure cloud. With a number of products that create a full end to end solution that enables you to design, implement and support automation runbooks the Runbook Suite works to streamline your IT Services whilst removing the large upfront costs of traditional automation, ensuring you only pay for the benefits of automation whilst you are receiving them.

Runbook Suite for Azure Automation

Runbook Studio

Created for IT professionals wanting to utilise the power of Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure Automation service without the requirements for PowerShell and scripting knowledge. The Runbook Studio provides a graphical workspace to manage all of your assets across multiple automation accounts and even multiple Azure subscriptions all from one easy to use place.

Automation Portal

The Kelverion Automation Portal is an easy to implement self-service front end for your automation solutions. It offers a versatile interface without the lengthy list of pre-requisites required by most other self-service tools. The portal has been designed to complement existing Automation platforms. Although initially designed with System Center Orchestrator and Azure Automation in mind the Kelverion Automation portal can be used alongside any Automation platform to complement and enhance the effectiveness of your automation.


Our Smart Integration Modules complement your automation enabling you to integrate with third-party systems such as Service Desks, Enterprise Management Systems and databases. The Kelverion Modules discover the configuration of the target system and provide a simple forms-based interface to the runbook designer. This removes the need to build custom integrations and understand how your target systems are configured.

Automation Solutions

Our cloud automation solutions provide pre-built and ‘ready out of the box’ solutions that provide a quick relief from the monotonous and manual tasks undertaken most frequently by IT and Service Desk personnel. Created using best practices in runbook development, our solutions dramatically reduce the implementation time needed to create automation processes.

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