Standard Tasks Solution

Description and Features
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In a modern IT organisation, it’s all too common for highly skilled workers to be stuck with mundane, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks like creating Active Directory accounts and resetting passwords.

Too often, teams have to manually fulfil service requests which means the service provided can be error prone, resource intensive and take far too long in terms of the end user experience. Ultimately, skilled employees spend too much time on administrative tasks and too little time on the strategic projects that generate business value.

How can IT teams overcome these obstacles and free skilled employees from mundane, repetitive tasks and processes? By employing simple self-service IT process automation through Kelverion’s Standard Tasks Solution, organizations can automate common, frequently occurring IT tasks and workflows. Through this automation, teams can offload labor-intensive efforts and reduce the costs, errors, and risks associated with these efforts.

As part of the Runbook Suite, the solution provides you with a production ready automation for automating up to 21 standard tasks. This can be standalone or integrated into your Service Desk’s existing service catalogue or approval workflow. This flexible approach utilises existing investment in your service desk to rapidly deliver exceptional end user experience.

The ready to deploy solution provides a lightweight automation portal and pre-built processes to cover the most common service requests which include:

  • Remote Server Management Actions
    • Remote Reboot
    • Remote Shutdown
    • Azure VM Restart
    • Azure VM Stop
    • Azure VM Start
  • Active Directory/Entra ID User Management
    • Add User
    • Add User to Groups
    • Remove User from Groups
    • Add Group Members
    • Reset Password
    • Enable / Disable User
  • Diagnostics and Remediation Actions
    • Restart Service
    • Trace IP Route
    • Event Log Checker
    • Disk Space Cleaner
    • Ping Check
    • URL Check
  • Exchange Account Creation
    • Add User
    • Add Shared Mailbox
    • Delete Mailbox

Watch a demonstration of the Standard Tasks Solution below:

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