CMDB Population Solution

Description and Features
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This CMDB Population Solution enables System Center customers to use the actual asset data captured by their System Center tools to populate their third party CMDB products.

For anyone who has a CMDB or is considering implementing a CMDB product the biggest challenge they face is not which product to buy but how am I going to populate the CMDB and insure the data it holds is current?

Traditionally there have been two approaches to solving this thorny issue; manually enter the data or purchase an Asset Discovery engine which can populate your CMDB. Both approaches have significant challenges.

The manual approach requires significant manpower and the data accuracy is only as good as the keying in of the data and when a human last updated it.

The Asset Discovery engine brings its own challenges. Although it automates the data entry, the asset information it discovers and reports is often different to that captured by the Enterprise Management tools and you get a lot of data entered into the CMDB you do not actually need. Both situations cause a great deal of confusion for the operations staff. Also an Asset Discovery engine places a significant extra management traffic load on the Network each time it polls to check if any Asset has changed or been added.

The ideal solution to CMDB population and management is to use the Asset data discovered by your Enterprise Management tools to populate your CMDB. This insures the data in your CMDB is the same as that seen by the Management tools and hence your Operations staff and you only gather management data once.

This Orchestrator driven solution delivers a number of fully automated functions:
• Populate your CMDB with all New Assets discovered by the SCCM or SCOM.
• Automatically update your CMDB with changes to Assets discovered by SCCM or SCOM.
• Automatically builds Relationships between Assets as discovered and defined by the SCCM and SCOM
• Deletes Assets from your CMDB when you delete them from SCCM and SCOM.

The offering automatically discovers a range of common Asset data points and then you can configure the solution to populate your CMDB with any additional data you want and none of the data you don’t.

The CMDB Population Solution out of the box is configured to populate the ServiceNow CMDB but the offering can support the following Target systems as well:
• BMC Atrium
• CA Service Desk Manager

If you need a connection to a tool which is not listed above then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Watch a demonstration of the Automation Solution for CMDB Population below:

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