Kelverion is pleased to announce that the Runbook Suite for Azure Automation is now available in the Azure Marketplace, transactable as a monthly subscription via your existing Microsoft contract.

Starting at $50 per month Azure Marketplace users can experience the ease and power of low code no code automation running as a service in the Azure Cloud.

What is the Kelverion Offer on the Marketplace?

The offer enables you to purchase and deploy our Runbook Suite powered by Azure Automation via the Azure Market Place including Runbook Studio, Automation Portal, Integrations, and our automation Solutions. On purchase the deployment creates in your Subscription the Resource Group with Azure Automation, a VM with Runbook Studio installed and supporting resources.

The Runbook studio adds a true low code no code runbook design studio for Azure Automation with deep integration to source code repositories like Azure DevOps and GitHub, to this you can add a range of Smart Integrations and over 80 production ready runbooks.

The Runbook Studio is offered in four plans;

Starter Plan

If you are one of the thousands of organisations using Azure Automation and struggling with building PowerShell runbooks, or wish to enable non-coder team members to build automation then perhaps you should consider the Starter Plan for the Runbook Studio.

The Starter Plan automatically deploys all the Azure components you need in your subscription together with the Runbook Studio – Starter edition.  This plan is designed to make is easy to evaluate the Runbook Studio and is limited to 25 runbooks.

Professional Plan

Once you have tried the Starter plan and seen the benefits in productivity for your team we then have the Professional Plan to start your no code automation journey in earnest.

The Runbook Studio Professional Plan removes the restrictions of the Starter Edition, enabling working with unlimited runbooks, automation accounts and subscriptions. The plan enables the ability to work with source code repositories, such as Azure DevOps and code free integration with SQL server databases for for $825  per month.

Professional Plus Plan

The Professional Plus that adds the option to select a further Integration Module and a Runbook Solution for $1,485 per month.  On the Azure Marketplace you can select which additional Integration Module to add, whether your need is Service Desk integration like ServiceNow, BMC Helix ITSM, Atlassian Jira to name a few or Azure services integration such as Azure Monitor.

The Runbook Solution choices include Microsoft 365, with over 24 user case runbooks ready to automate the provisioning and management of Microsoft 365.

The Professional and Professional Plus Plans can be enhanced via addon offers for further integrations or Solutions.

If you have specific requirements please contact us and the above options can be configured in a private offer to match your needs.

The Runbook Studio offer is available in the Azure Marketplace here

Automation Portal

In addition to the Runbook Studio, Integrations and Solutions the Runbook Suite includes an Automation Portal designed to make creating and triggering requests that drive automated processes super easy.  With a standard web page UI for desktop users, a REST API to automate requests and a mobile application for automation-on-the-go.

The Automation Portal is available in the Azure Marketplace here

The Azure Marketplace simplifies the deployment of both the Azure and Kelverion assets in your subscription, making it easy to try and fully deploy No Code Automation as a Service at an affordable price.

This Kelverion Offer brings you No Code benefits to the globally deployed and supported Azure Automation platform that Microsoft relies on for delivering numerous cloud services every day.

Azure Marketplace

The marketplace is Microsoft’s go to model for deploying applications in Azure.  Being transactable on Azure means that customers can buy both Microsoft and Partner solutions via their existing Microsoft contract and being billed monthly through their Azure subscription.

No longer do you need to separately deploy the necessary resource groups, automation accounts, VMs or databases as that is handled by the offer template for you. You have full control over your subscription to increase or reduce Azure resources and the ability to change or delete the offer as required.

Need to Know:

The Kelverion Runbook Studio requires the following Microsoft Resource Providers to be registered in your Subscription:

• Microsoft.Automation
• Microsoft.Sql

The Kelverion Automation Portal requires the following Microsoft Resource Providers to be registered in your Subscription:

• Microsoft.Sql
• Microsoft.Web

Why is the necessary?

Azure is made up of hundreds of types of resources. Many of these resource types are enabled by default. Often when adding capabilities to your Subscription, Microsoft will register the required resource providers automatically. However, when purchasing a solution via the Marketplace, this registration process may need to be performed manually prior to deployment.

Next Steps:

Confirm the necessary Microsoft Resource Providers are registered in your Subscription:

To manually register these resource providers in your subscription before purchasing the plan please follow the instructions outlined on the following page:

Once the resources are registered you can successfully proceed with the Marketplace purchase and deployment.

If you would like guidance with registering the providers, please contact us at

About Kelverion

Experts in Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid automation, Kelverion provide solutions and integrations that remove the manual process tying up IT staff; transforming the productivity, efficiency, and supportability of IT service automation. Our products utilize and enhance the power of Microsoft Azure and System Center Orchestrator.

 Working closely alongside Microsoft we have developed our integrations and automation solutions to help bridge the gap between Microsoft’s automation platforms and third-party systems, in the process building key alliance partnerships with multiple vendors to ensure our products are fully certified.

Since 2010, Kelverion has expanded to become a global company, with offices now in the UK,  Canada, and the US. Through this, we are able to offer and support products and professional services engagements to enterprise-level organizations no matter where they are.

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