The shift in remote working has seen an increase in demand to utilize smartphones to host meetings, check emails and message colleagues on Microsoft Teams. Keeping up with this trend, the Kelverion team have created a mobile app version of our popular Self-Service Automation Portal, which previously has been a web-based solution typically used on a desktop device. The portal is available for iPhone devices and can be downloaded from iOS app store.

The app version of the Portal reflects everything offered in the desktop version, with the graphics and layout mirrored as closely as possible, and supports mobile device management (MDM) if this is in place in your organization. The mobile app is available when the Portal is deployed as an Azure web app.

Who needs this?

Some industries have a large proportion of field workers, such as construction, engineering, journalism and many others. Allowing workers to raise service requests on the go with a Portal mobile app provides a better experience and service level.

In addition, if a member of your workforce is unable to access their desktop device, this allows requests to be raised or approved from their mobile – a helpful option for any industry.

Removing the complexity

Perhaps you’ve already tried to address this conundrum or may have deployed multiple tools resulting in a complicated solution to maintain and update.

Our ethos for the Portal is to keep things simple, and that is continued with the mobile app. There are a number of UI tools including Microsoft Power Apps (read more about Power Apps in our comparison blog). However, there are a few challenges in implementation, not to mention the cost which can be billed per user per month.

One of our senior automation consultants pointed out that ‘the complexity of building offerings in a Power App is a challenge, but it is also more expensive because an organization is charged for each user and extra connectors in the back end.’

The mobile app is a simple, streamlined solution for automation on the go. The Portal mobile app is fully supported ensuring that maintenance and configuration are straightforward.

Licensing the Portal Mobile App

The Portal mobile app starts with a license for 25 mobile users. Should you require more, then additional bundles of users can be purchased. The bundled licensing of this app is substantially cheaper than other options that are typically priced per user per month.

As an additional bonus the mobile license enables the use of the REST API for your own development and a PowerShell integration module designed to allow you to directly interact with the Portal from Microsoft’s Azure Automation service.

If you are an existing Portal customer interested in leveraging automation on the go with our mobile app, check out the features and comparisons below.

 App Demo 

App Preview

The app is divided into four sections for easy navigation.

Just like in the desktop version, the ‘favourites’ section stores a user’s ‘favourited’ requests; these are saved to each user’s profile and reflected in both formats of the Portal:

Portal Web App Favorites Portal Mobile App Favorites

To add a favorite, just swipe to the left and select the bookmark icon.

The Service page shows all offerings in the Portal:

The Portal mobile app still appears clearly on the smallest iPhone model (iPhone SE):

Here is an example of a Virtual Machine request being created:

VM request portal mobile app

Below shows a request that has been submitted and is pending approval:


About Kelverion

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