Azure Marketplace Pre-deployment Configuration

The Kelverion Runbook Studio and Kelverion Automation Portal are offers available on the Azure Marketplace.  These offers include multiple Azure components and therefore it may require some additional steps to be addressed before deployment will be successful.


Need to Know:

The Kelverion Runbook Studio requires the following Microsoft Resource Providers to be registered in your Subscription:

  • Microsoft.Automation
  • Microsoft.Sql

The Kelverion Automation Portal requires the following Microsoft Resource Providers to be registered in your Subscription:

  • Microsoft.Sql
  • Microsoft.Web

Why is the necessary?

Azure is made up of hundreds of types of resources.  Many of these resource types are enabled by default.  Often when adding capabilities to your Subscription, Microsoft will register the required resource providers automatically.  However, when purchasing a solution via the Marketplace, this registration process may need to be performed manually prior to deployment.


Next Steps:

Confirm the necessary Microsoft Resource Providers are registered in your Subscription:

To manually register these resource providers in your subscription before purchasing the plan please follow the instructions outlined in the following Microsoft page:

Once the resources are registered you can successfully proceed with the Marketplace purchase and deployment.


If you would like guidance with registering the providers, please contact us at


Additional Detail:

As part of the automated resource deployment functions used in the Azure Marketplace an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template is executed.  When running an automated deployment using an ARM Template if the account executing the ARM Template has owner or contributor access then the ARM Template will pre-register any resources it needs with the Subscription and then deploy resources.

When requesting a deployment of an Offer from the Azure Marketplace, the account doing the ARM Template execution only has contributor permissions to the Resource Group you approve for the Marketplace offer to be deployed into, and therefore does not have permissions to register new and previously unused resource types into your subscription.   If you have previously deployed these resource types, then the providers will be registered and the deployment proceeds without issue.

As part of the Kelverion Runbook Suite deployment process, Azure Automation and a Microsoft SQL database will be deployed.  If you are deploying the Kelverion Automation Portal a Microsoft SQL database and Web App will be deployed.    Azure requires that these required Microsoft Resource Providers to be registered as approved resource types in the subscription, but currently the Microsoft Marketplace deployment functionality cannot do that for you automatically as it lacks the necessary permissions.

We are working with Microsoft to remove these manual prerequisites to Marketplace deployments but in the meantime these manual steps will be required.

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