By licensing the Microsoft System Center suite, customers unlock a comprehensive array of tools encompassing server management, virtual machine administration, and automation capabilities.

Frequently, customers are observed deploying automation use cases with System Center Orchestrator to meet specific infrastructure management needs. Sometimes, this marks the end of the implementation as their initial need is met, whether automatically creating and updating service desk tickets, provisioning users or tackling the Starter, Mover, Leaver process.

After the initial need is met

However, the automation potential for an organization extends beyond the initial use case, and there is a risk of overlooking opportunities to enhance the organization’s IT efficiency. Once Orchestrator is deployed, the ability to automate additional use cases becomes straightforward and in essence ‘the hard part is over’.

One of the great features of Orchestrator is the graphical drag-and-drop interface and process step connections. This interface does not demand skills at the level of a programmer, thereby supporting a strategy of low-code or no-code development. Many organizations have seized the System Center Orchestrator opportunity, automating hundreds of IT processes; if you haven’t already, you could too by making the most of your System Center Orchestrator deployment.

make the most of your system center orchestrator deployment


The opportune time for a review

Where organizations are upgrading to the latest System Center Orchestrator 2022 release we see a review taking place;

  • What is automated today?
  • What do we need, or should we change?
  • What else can we automate?

Automation benefits are now much more understood than when Orchestrator first became part of the suite in 2010 or even before as Opalis. Plus the modern Orchestrator 2022 platform provides an opportunity to expand automation use cases and push on with an organization’s automation journey.

So, how do I make the most of my Orchestrator 2022 deployment?

The first step is planning:

  • What manual processes are in place?
  • What would the benefit be in automating them?

Spoiler alert! Team members will know the process opportunities and manual tasks they would love to eliminate! Engage those on the front line of delivering these processes to ensure success.

To help with this process, Kelverion helps customers through an IT Process Automation Assessment, but I hear you say most of this must have been done before, and these types of processes have been automated many times over the last 10+ years.

And you would be correct; a lot of this knowledge is available via the Automation Value Calculator coupled with a free remote Kelverion consultation. Take advantage of both of these if you haven’t already!

The fast track to make the most of your System Center Orchestrator deployment

Your System Center Orchestrator 2019 or 2022 deployment can be extended via the Kelverion Utility Package, our library of Integration Packs for popular tools such as ServiceNow and BMC Helix ITSM and a range of supporting services.

We also have a range of ready-to-deploy Automation Solutions available to meet the most common use cases.

Need a more bespoke form of support?

One of our most popular offerings is our Runbook Support Service. Our customers see this as a safe pair of hands for when they need advice and guidance on planning, deploying and authoring runbooks. The Kelverion experts all have a deep knowledge honed over the last 13 years in System Center deployment.

The Runbook Support Service provides 24 hours (3 days) per quarter of call-off support on any questions or advice with your Orchestrator deployment and provides the support your automation team needs.

Check out what PPG, one of our Runbook Support Customers, has to say about us in this case study.

Thinking to the future

We know that there are benefits to keeping your automation on-premise; however, should the time come when you are considering moving your Microsoft automation to the cloud, we’re equally happy to assist with this too.

About Kelverion

Experts in Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid automation, Kelverion provide solutions and integrations that remove the manual process tying up IT staff; transforming the productivity, efficiency, and supportability of IT service automation. Our products utilize and enhance the power of Microsoft Azure and System Center Orchestrator.

Working closely alongside Microsoft we have developed our integrations and automation solutions to help bridge the gap between Microsoft’s automation platforms and third-party systems, in the process building key alliance partnerships with multiple vendors to ensure our products are fully certified. Find Kelverion on the Azure Marketplace here.

Since 2010, Kelverion has expanded to become a global company, with offices now in the UK,  Canada, and the US. Through this, we are able to offer and support products and professional services engagements to enterprise-level organizations no matter where they are.

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