Microsoft Power Automate

For those unaware of Microsoft’s multiple automation platforms, it would be easy to assume that Power Automate is the sole automation platform offered by Microsoft.

This perception arises from the frequent references to Power Automate in various Microsoft and Tech Blogger articles. This prominence is because it is essential component of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) product family, which is heavily marketed to its vast customer base.

Power Automate is a RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool focusing on automating application-to-application data transfer and streamlining business processes within the Microsoft 365 suite of tools.

Whatever the process you are looking to automate, Kelverion has already automated this for someone else over the last 14 years; and we can guide you on how to achieve this with Microsoft Power Automate.

employee onboarding runbook process

Power Automate Solutions

Power Automate brings automation to business functions, such as HR, Sales, Data Management and Marketing.

It enables teams to free up manual, laborious tasks such as:

  1. Automating Data Entry and Processing
    • Power Automate connects to various data systems like Excel spreadsheets, databases, web forms and more.
    • efine how the data in the source should be processed like find duplicate entries or even run calculations on data.
    • Then, define where you want to store the results.
    • Power Automate will then process the files and output the results.
  2. Automating Marketing Email Management
    Power Automate enables you to automate email marketing efforts. Send targeted emails to your subscribers at specific intervals to stay connected. Send emails responding to any user activity, like order confirmations or welcome emails.
  3. Automating HR Processes
    Onboarding new employees is an essential but tedious HR process. Use Power Automate to record job applications, send welcome and new-hire email announcements and automate task list completion reminders.

Kelverion can help you design and build your Power Automate solutions.

Automation Portal

Add our quick to configure, scalable web interface to Microsoft Power Automate to provide your end users with automated self-service offerings via web and mobile app.

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