Azure Logic Apps

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).  It helps automate and coordinate tasks, business processes, and workflows when there is a need to integrate data across enterprises or organizations.

Kelverion leverage Logic Apps extensively in our Automation Solutions and help organizations design and implement custom Logic App workflows and can create custom connectors to extend the reach of Logic Apps.

Whatever the process you are looking to automate, Kelverion has already automated this for someone else over the last 14 years; and we can guide you on how to achieve this with Azure Logic Apps.

employee onboarding runbook process

Logic Apps Automated Solutions

Azure Logic Apps has evolved from the Microsoft BizTalk platform, which is an on-premises business process application. Logic Apps can be used to automate processes involving both Cloud based services and data center services using the on-premise gateway capability.

There are multiple use cases for Logic Apps within an Organization:

  1. Email Order Processing
    Azure Logic Apps can monitor multiple email boxes, looking for new incoming emails and automating the processing of those emails to record the details and automatically process the email contents. Whilst also acknowledging receipt and responding to the sender with other details.
  2. Product Integration
    Organizations use various Software as a Service (SaaS) applications the majority of which do communicate with each other. Azure Logic Apps can used to exchange data between these applications, removing manual data entry or transfer.
  3. Task Scheduling
    In the increasingly complex world of IT, performing regular maintenance tasks or daily processes has become even more critical. Azure Logic Apps has rich capabilities to both schedule and trigger the execution of these regular tasks but also take on the fulfillment of these tasks in an automated manner.

For those who have found BizTalk to be effective in on-premises environments, Logic Apps is the product migrating of such workloads to the cloud.

Kelverion can help you design and build your Logic App solutions; including templating them so you can deploy the same Logic App design in multiple Azure Subscriptions.

Azure Logic App Connectors

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps uses a variety of triggers and actions combined, to deliver an automated process workflow. These triggers and actions are provided by making use of one or more product connectors.

Logic Apps has over 100 business application connectors available, there are a lot of options when it comes to integration, especially when looking to create social media linkage (i.e., Twitter, Facebook etc.).

Using the custom connector functionality, Kelverion can help extend Logic Apps capabilities to meet your business process automation needs.

Automation Portal

Add our quick to configure, scalable web interface to Azure Logic Apps to provide your end users with automated self-service offerings.

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