Runbook Suite

The Runbook Suite has been specifically created to enable organisations to harness the power of Azure Automation for developers and non-developers; with integrations, applications and a design studio making the process of creating, managing and supporting automation runbooks available to all.

Service Request Automation and Integration

The Runbook Suite integrates into over 800 enterprise management tools used in your business to enable the automation of Service Requests from the Service Desk.

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No Need To Write Any Code

Use Kelverion’s click and configure, drag and drop image-based authoring. With shapes, diagrams and drop-down list forms, transform manual processes into automation.


Over 800 Integrations Available

Multi-vendor, cloud, and on-premise integrations to enable API connections between your enterprise IT systems.

Low Cost High Return

Automation as a Service executing in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, consumed on a low cost, pay as you go basis.

Automation Portal

Add our quick to configure, scalable web interface to your runbooks to provide your end users with automated self-service offerings.

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Runbook Studio

An automation authoring studio which enables users to create automation runbooks using a drag and drop, code free, graphical authoring approach.

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The Runbook Studio v5 Screenshot

Automate Service Requests

The Suite offers ready-built service request automation applications, including Starters Movers Leavers. Standard IT Tasks, Office 365 Management, Virtual Machine Provision and Automated Patching.

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Systems Integration

With access to over 800+ vendor-supported integrations in the PowerShell Gallery, utilise your own PowerShell modules and the Kelverion Smart Integration Modules.

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Discover 400% Return On Investment

Our easy to use Automation Value Calculator enables anorganisation to see how much can be saved through automation, many of Kelverion’s customers have achieved in excess of 400% ROI.