Automation With Orchestrator

 Kelverion extend and enhance Microsoft System Center Orchestrator with; a library of over 35 Integration Packs (in addition to those provided by Microsoft); a Self-Service Automation Portal to trigger automation runbooks; and production ready runbook solution packs to tackle the day-to-day time-consuming chores of the IT service desk teams. This saves hundreds of man-hours and delivers over 400% return on investment in the first year.

automate manual IT tasks

Self-Service Automation Portal

For those customers who don’t have a self-service portal within their service desk, we provide a easy to configure automation portal; empowering end-users to complete their own service requests and fulfilling these requests with automation.

The Automation Portal is a simple and fast to implement web application, dedicated to automating IT service requests.


Over 35 Integrations Available

Our talented in-house development team have sorted the technical components and created smart integrations to enable API connections between your organisations enterprise IT systems.

Our Integration Packs support System Center Orchestrator 32-bit 2016 and 2019. Details on future 64-bit support are forthcoming.

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Fully Configured Automation Solutions

We have a selection of ready to implement automation runbooks to tackle the day-to-day time-consuming chores of the IT service desk. These are convenient, available to tweak to organisations’ exact requirements and save Service Desks hundreds of man-hours.