Why Automate IT Service Management?

Begin with a process you already know is challenging like New User Onboarding, Office 365 Management or VM Provisioning,
or undertake an IT Process Automation Assessment and find out where automation would directly benefit your business.

Automation Benefits


Save up to 30% in IT Operational Costs

Companies who have implemented automation have made 30% savings in IT operational costs by eliminating waste, removing redundant systems and ceasing the requirement for overtime working or outsourcing delivery

Increase Productivity

Delegate tasks that would often be too complex or would require high level access to complete, to Level 1 resources, as automation does all the hard work

Improve Agility

Automation frees up skilled resources to react to new requirements and technologies and automation can simplify to deployment and adoption of new technology, as not everyone needs to become an expert in its use

Reduce Errors

Automation follows the same process every time, so inevitable human errors are removed from task fulfilment


Automation drives swifter more efficient processes. Typically tasks that would normally involve multiple teams and process delays, sometimes taking weeks, can be delivered in minutes using automation

The Need To Automate


Infrastructure Growth

Servers, networks and storage devices are growing exponentially and can no longer be managed manually due to the lack of process control and auditability


Today, management costs are 2-3x the cost of infrastructure, with 80% of the IT budget is consumed by maintaining existing systems, leaving little for new initiatives and innovation


Reports project a 45% shortage of data center staff, which means insufficient labor for manual management


The leading IT analysts also report that 80% of all system outages are due to manual change, which impacts SLAs


Physical Infrastructure provision reduced from weeks to days
VM provisioning (also known as virtual machine provisioning) is reduced from days to minutes

Runbook Suite powered by Azure Automation

Fully configured Azure Automation runbooks and integrations to address over 70 common use cases to automate mundane and repetitive IT tasks, reducing the risk of human error and resource costs within your IT infrastructure.


Automation With System Center Orchestrator

Our range of products within Microsoft System Center Orchestrator includes 35 Integration Packs, fully configured solution packs and an easy to configure Automation Portal to trigger self-service automation.