Automation Portal

The Automation Portal is an easy to implement lightweight web application which provides a Self-Service Portal dedicated to automating IT service requests, offering a versatile interface without the usual lengthy list of prerequisites.

Rapid Deployment Self-Service Portal for Automation

By adding a simple, scalable web interface to your runbooks you can enable users to easily interact with your automated offerings and processes.

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Rapid, Lightweight Deployment

The Automation Portal is an easy to implement self-service front end for your automation solutions. It offers a versatile interface without the lengthy list of prerequisites required by many other self-service portals available today.


Simple and Flexible

Integration with the automation tools takes place via direct interaction between automation tool and the Automation Portal database, so no complex APIs to integrate with.

End User Interface

The Automation Portal is simple and fast to implement, but even more easy for your end users to navigate. By adding a simple web interface to your runbooks you can allow users to easily interact with your automated offerings.

Portal Capabilities


  • Dashboard showing a live summary of time and costs
    saved by automating manual tasks, requests by state and
    the top ten requests.
  • A Favourites area for the end-user to pin their most
    frequent requests from the service catalogue; improving
    usability for customers.
  • Windows Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Group
    Browsers for security group permissions.
  • On-Prem support for High Availability (HA) via Windows Network Load Balancing (NLB).


Self-Service Catalogue Capability

What IT teams need is a Self-Service Catalogue capability which is dedicated to the needs of achieving IT automation, in which they can capture their Customer’s requests and then use the automation platform to integrate those requests back into the corporate Service Desk solution. The Automation Portal fulfils this need.

Discover 400% Return On Investment

Our easy to use Automation Value Calculator enables anorganisation to see how much can be saved through automation, many of Kelverion’s customers have achieved in excess of 400% ROI.