This solution area is focused on building and consuming automated processes as a Service in Microsoft Azure. The operational efficiencies promised in Cloud computing are only being partially realised as developers and IT organisations continue to manually administer Cloud services. Just as with on-premise data centers, Cloud services run on tools and technologies from many vendors, which can demand a breadth of expertise and resources that is difficult to address.

The Cloud has introduced new management challenges:

  • Tends to be code-driven with minimal graphical interface.
  • Offers a subscription-based service approach that results in redundancy (work duplicated between subscriptions).
  • Unwieldy management of what is deployed and if it is secure for example abandoned VMs, mis-allocated storage capacity and uncontrolled resource access.

Utilising Microsoft’s Azure Automation Service along with Kelverion’s Cloud Automation Suite simplifies the automation and support of IT service and operational processes both in the Cloud and on-premise.

As Azure Automation is embedded within Azure, all other Azure Services are natively available. For users with both Business and IT process challenges this provides access to services such as:

  • Robotic Process Automation.
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence.
  • Big Data Analysis & Visualisation.

  • IoT.

  • BoTs.

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