For the last ten years, one of the most popular Integrations in the market has been for organisations that have deployed Microsoft System Center to manage their infrastructure, who also use ServiceNow as their corporate Service Desk.  The need to integrate Microsoft System Center was originally driven by the need to automate the generation of ServiceNow tickets from events in System Center Operations Manager.  

This use case expanded in recent years to add automated diagnosis, routing of tickets and remediation actions to remove more of the mundane manual activity from support teams.   

The Integration Pack for ServiceNow that deploys into System Center Orchestrator has been enhanced from this initial use case to cover wider use cases such as; self-service software provisioning, automated patching and populating the CMDB with asset information.   

 Now that Microsoft System Center 2022 is here, many organizations with existing Orchestrator implementations are considering migration from older versions to take advantage of the extended support, and the other improvements of System Center Orchestrator 2022. 

 Kelverion originally developed a ServiceNow Integration Pack using the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) method for integration with ServiceNow.  

ServiceNow Integration

When the ServiceNow REST (representational state transfer architectural) API became the ServiceNow recommended option, a new Kelverion ServiceNow Integration Pack was developed using the REST API. For Orchestrator 2016 and 2019, there are two supported ServiceNow Integration Packs: 

  • Integration Pack for ServiceNow – uses SOAP method
  • Integration Pack for ServiceNow (REST) – uses REST method

For Microsoft System Center 2022, Orchestrator 2022 has been updated to be a 64-bit application which means the existing Integration Packs for 2019 and earlier will not work. 

Kelverion has developed new 64-bit Integration Packs to enable customers to upgrade to Orchestrator 2022 without changes to their runbooks as a software upgrade under the software maintenance service. At the same time, we have changed the naming convention for the Integration Packs to show the SOAP method as legacy. 

The name mapping is as follows: 

ServiceNow Integration Naming

To avoid confusion, the Integration Pack for ServiceNow (64-bit) is available for direct download from our website. However, a SOAP-based ServiceNow Integration Pack is required; please get in touch with your account representative or email to request a link to the Legacy version for Orchestrator 2022.

For guidance on migrating to System Center Orchestrator 2022, please watch the recording of our System Center Orchestrator 2022 – what’s new & how to migrate webinar, which includes a demo of migrating a ServiceNow runbook to Orchestrator 2022.


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