Kelverion is pleased to announce the latest release of all our ServiceNow integrations, which now provide ServiceNow Washington DC release support and include OAUTH for authentication for our REST API-based products.

This is our 22nd release of products for ServiceNow, stretching right back to Berlin, providing integrations for System Center Orchestrator 2016, 2019, 2022 and also for Azure Automation.

Whilst maintaining our continued product provision for ServiceNow, the new releases now bring enhanced authentication (OAUTH 2.0) capabilities.

ServiceNow & OAuth

ServiceNow has historically provided basic authentication for API calls into the system. Initially, ServiceNow added OAUTH support to their REST based API in their Utah release, but over the last few releases, they have extended and enhanced the capability to a level which multiple customers are now looking to adopt.

The enhancements now make it possible to support OAuth in System Center Orchestrator as well.

ServiceNow states

“… OAUTH 2.0 lets users access instance resources through external clients by obtaining a token rather than by entering login credentials with each resource request.

You must have the security_admin role to manage the OAuth integration. Configure OAuth 2.0 for the following scenarios:

OAuth external client scenario (Inbound): Your instance provides an endpoint for third-party clients to pull data from the instance.

Note: You must user authenticate for the first time to fetch the token post which, you don’t need to authenticate using a user account before the token expiry.

Both, simple security and high security frameworks support OAuth 2.0. High Security is recommended….”.

ServiceNow OAuth Setup and User

To use OAuth 2.0 to connect to ServiceNow, you must first use a REST-based Integration product, then set up and activate the OAuth plugin and create an OAuth application endpoint in ServiceNow for the integration module to access the instance.

The OAUTH authentication uses tokens for the API calls. The Refresh Tokens are the credentials the Integrations uses to obtain access tokens to access your ServiceNow instance. Refresh tokens have a limited lifespan; if the Refresh Token expires, the Kelverion Integrations will stop operating.

Refresh Tokens need to be manually reset, so it is important to pick a practical lifespan. Users have the option to override the default lifespan when they set up and configure the application endpoint. We recommend using a lifespan of at least 365 days to minimise the risk of refresh tokens expiring unexpectedly.  

A one-year expiry aligns with most companies’ certificate management processes, which are also yearly and can be managed appropriately.

The Integrations for ServiceNow include a Get Refresh Token activity to assist you with obtaining refresh tokens for your KA ServiceNow connections.

The latest versions of our Integrations, available for download, with Washington DC support are:

               System Center Orchestrator:

                             Legacy SOAP Integration Pack for ServiceNow              7.3

 Additionally, with OAUTH Support are:

System Center Orchestrator:

                             Integration Pack for ServiceNow REST                             3.5

               Runbook Studio

                             Integration Module for ServiceNow                                   3.5

 If you would like to discuss the ServiceNow integrations please contact us at

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