Orchestrator Onsite Training Overview

The Kelverion Orchestrator Training Course provides an on-site 2 day training course on implementing Orchestrator and using the Runbook designer to build your own Runbooks. This is an instructor led course with lab exercises.

Number of Attendees: Eight maximum

Course aimed at: Anyone who will be creating and building workflows and Runbooks in Orchestrator.

Attendee Skill Set:

  • Experience with standard computing systems including file storage, networking and internet technologies.

  • A general knowledge of Microsoft Core Technologies.

  • Working knowledge of databases.

Course Synopsis

Each progressive lesson builds on the previous lesson, every aspect of Orchestrator needed to create a Runbook is covered. Students will be able to create, analyse and modify Runbooks.

Course Content

Orchestrator Overview  

  • What is IT Process Automation?
  • What is Orchestrator?
  • Orchestrator Architecture
  • Introduction to Process Documentation

Orchestrator Installation

  • How to Install Orchestrator and the Integration Packs

Introduction to the Orchestrator Development Client

  • Development Client Overview
  • Build your First Runbook

Orchestrator Runbooks in More Depth

  • Activity Categories
  • Branching and Conditional Links
  • Naming Links
  • Using Variables
  • Understanding Published Data
  • Understanding Failover Functionality
  • Import & Export Runbooks
  • Testing Runbooks

Working with Orchestrator Activities

  • User Communications
  • Monitoring Target Systems
  • Files & Text
  • System Tools
  • Data Manipulation
  • Working with Unix
  • Orchestrator Utilities
  • Workflow Control

Kelverion Integration Packs

  • What they are and how they add value
  • Database IP
  • Runbook Surveyor
  • Custom Application IP
  • Data Manipulation IP

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