The Kelverion Integration Pack for BMC Atrium is a compliant integration for the Microsoft Orchestrator IT Process Automation Solution. This Integration Pack enables users to exchange data with BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database at the Configuration Item (CI) and Relationship level enabling sharing of CI data with other systems such as service desks and discovery tools.
The Integration Pack supports BMC Atrium versions 7.6.04 to 8.1 and 9.0.

The module delivers a range of re-usable activities to automate IT-Functions such as:

  • Service Desk – query BMC Atrium for latest configuration details as part of a diagnostic/remediation process.
  • Configuration Management Systems – to transform and populate discovered data into CMDBs or Asset Systems.

Maintain consistent updated CI information in disparate Service Desks and other tools.


  • Create Instance – activity dynamically creates new Atrium Configuration Item record in standard or customised BMC Atrium systems
  • Get Instance – returns specific instance
  • Update Instance – updates specific instance
  • Delete Instance – deletes specific instance
  • Monitor Instance – monitors for an instance
  • Advanced Search – activity allows use of Atrium advanced search criteria.

Objects subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus.

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