This series of webinars is targeted at users who wish to automate their Service Management processes. Each webinar showcases a specific Kelverion pre-built automation solution.

How to create a 21st Century Service Experience
This webinar will focus on how to automate your organization’s service experience so that it is ready and capable of handling the needs of the 21st Century business.

Recorded June 2019

The Future of Microsoft Automation
With the release of System Center 2019, there’s been a lot of confusion and differing opinions on the best way to upgrade, or indeed whether you actually should be doing so at the moment. With a lot of these often giving conflicting information, how do you know which route is the right one? This webinar will walk you through what your options for the future are for automation and provide you with a suggested automation roadmap.

Recorded May 2019

Moving Beyond Integration With System Center Orchestrator
This webinar will walk you through how you can develop your automation, enabling you to delegate tasks that would often be too complex or would require high level access to complete to anyone who can follow your desired business process. Letting your automation do the heavy lifting so you can get to work on other projects.

Recorded March 2019

Best Practices for Building Orchestrator Runbooks
See a demonstration of Runbook construction best practice, Top pitfalls to avoid when implementing Orchestrator.
This Webinar shows you how to build a stable and flexible Orchestrator Runbook Solutions.

Recorded January 2019

Migration to cloud automation

Recorded September 2018

Introducing the new Runbook Suite and Runbook Studio v3

Recorded July 2018

Automated Cloud VM Provisioning with Kelverion

Recorded June 2018

Simplify your Cloud Services deployment with the Kelverion Automation Portal

Recorded May 2018

Getting started with the Runbook Studio

Recorded January 2018

Getting started with Azure Automation

Recorded December 2017

VM Provisioning with the Automation Portal

Recorded November 2017

Announcing the new Kelverion Automation Portal

Recorded April 2017

Azure Automation Best Practices

Recorded March 2017

Cost Effective Cloud Automation for ServiceNow

Recorded February 2017

Announcing CRM Integration for System Center

Recorded January 2017

ServiceNow integration for Azure Automation

Recorded December 2016

Kelverion Runbook Studio for SMA and Azure Automation

Recorded November 2016

Automating Patching with ServiceNow and System Center

Recorded October 2016

Alert Routing and Remediation

Recorded September 2016

Automated Patching with ServiceNow and System Center

Recorded October 2016

Azure Automation and the Kelverion Runbook Studio:
This webinar explains what Azure Automation is and how the Kelverion Runbook Studio offers you the same script free / code free experience you get with Orchestrator and Smart Integration with third party products whilst leveraging the power of Azure Automation.

Recorded July 2016

Automating with System Center Webinar Series
This series of webinars is targeted at users who wish to enable solutions utilising the Microsoft System Center 2012 suite. Each webinar showcases a specific Kelverion pre-built automation solution.

Recorded July 2016

Automating ‘your Datacenter’ with System Center

Recorded April 2016

Automating ‘Patching’ with System Center

Recorded March 2016

Automating ‘Service Desk and DevOps Interaction’ with System Center

Recorded February 2016

Automating ‘CMDB Population’ with System Center

Recorded January 2016

Automating ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ with System Center

Recorded December 2015

Automating ‘Event Management’ with System Center

Recorded November 2015

Automated ‘Self Service Software Provision’ with System Center

Recorded October 2015

Archived Webinars

Announcing the Kelverion Automation (Runbook) Solutions


1. Which Solutions are available today and the Roadmap

2. Get an overview of their functionality

3. How the offerings can be easily extended to support your specific needs

Connecting Operations Manager 2012 into your Wider Data Center


1. About the challenges of migrating to System Center 2012 Operations Manager

2. About Kelverion System Center 2012 Operations Manager Connector Solution

3. How to install and setup of the Connector Runbooks