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 From demonstrations of deployment ready Automation Solution Packs, to best practices in automation project team structure; Kelverion have a range of webinars to help build knowledge and set IT professionals up for success on their automation journey.
Graphical Authoring

No-code/Low-code Automation Design Studio

Check out all the latest functionality in Kelverion’s Runbook Studio v5.0, following a design overhaul.

The studio is now a no-code/low-code design platform, with information available ‘at a glance’ and click and configure link condition builder/editor.

Kelverion Webinars

smarter working

Top IT Automation Targets for 2022

Kelverion conducted a survey of IT and Service Management professionals at over 350 separate organisations to identify their plans for automation.

Watch this recording to find out where companies are on the automation journey, the impact of cloud implementation on automation adoption & which IT processes organisations are targeting for automation in 2022.

Driving Automation Adoption

SITS Virtual Summit: Six High Value Use Cases Driving Automation Adoption

Discover the top six automation use cases delivering the most value to organisations. The session also covers why IT departments should look at automation and how to get started.

service management automation

SITS 22 Presentation: The Reality of Service Management Automation

Watch a webinar of our presentation at SITS 22 covering Kelverion research on IT processes to automate, a case study showing the real world benefits of automation and how to build your automation business case.

wrap automation

Service Management World Event: Wrap Automation Around Your Existing Service Desk

Kelverion presented a solution spotlight at Service Management World which explained to viewers what Service Request Automation is, how to identify automation use cases and automate these with your existing service desk.


SDI Event: Automation Solution Pack Demo – Creating an Office365 User

Watch one of Kelverion’s Automation Solution Pack’s in action with our demonstration of creating an Office365 user and discover the power of deployment-ready, fully configured automation runbooks.

smarter working

SITS Tools Demo Day Event: Automation Solution Packs Demo

Following on from our previous session at SITS; identifying the high value use cases driving automation adoption, this webinar demonstrates these use cases in action with Kelverion’s fully configured automation Solution Packs and explains how these can be rapidly implemented.

smarter working

SDI Demo Event: Automate mundane day-to-day IT Tasks

In this demo, we show off elements of our Standard IT Tasks Automation Solution Pack, which automates Active Directory management, Azure Virtual Machine administration, Ping & URL checks, shared mailbox changes and many other laborious tasks for IT departments.


Delivering Service Fulfilment in the New Remote Working Paradigm

Overcome the challenges of supporting high levels of remote workers, with increased technical complexity using a geographically disparate IT Service Desk with Service Request Automation.

Automate Cherwell Requests

The Modern Replacement For Orchestrator – Runbook Studio 4

This webinar discusses some of the challenges organisations face with Orchestrator, and showcases the new functionality  of the Runbook Studio, including; version control, unlimited runbook creation and team collaboration.

smarter working

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Service Request Automation

This webinar explains the benefits of automation, where and how to get started, what should be considered when looking for an automation tool   and what can and should be automated within the Service Desk.


IT Automation 101 - How To Get Started

Set your IT automation project up for success by using best practices for team structure and processes; enabling optimum automation delivery.


Moving Beyond Integration with System Center Orchestrator

This webinar explains how organisations can develop automation and enable the delegation of complex or restricted access tasks;  allowing automation to tackle the taxing activities and release IT professionals to work on other projects.


The Future of Microsoft Automation

The release of  Microsoft System Center 2019 has raised several questions for our audience. This webinar walks viewers through what the options are for automation in the future and provides a suggested automation roadmap.

Automate Cherwell Requests

Simplify your Cloud Services deployment with the Kelverion Automation Portal

This on-demand webinar showcases the Kelverion Automation Portal; a self-service web-based interface for end-users to complete request their own Service Requests. Watch to find out how to empower your customers!

Automate Cherwell Requests

Getting Started with Azure Automation

For those who are new to Cloud automation or IT automation generally, this webinar explains what Microsoft’s Azure Automation is, how Azure is structured, the architecture behind the scenes and the differences between Microsoft’s System Center Orchestrator and Azure Automation.

Automate Cherwell Requests

Azure Automation Best Practices

This webinar provides the Kelverion best practices for building efficient solutions using Microsoft’s Azure Automation, which encompass feedback and challenges Kelverion customers have faced. The session also includes a demonstration of runbooks being created in the Kelverion Runbook Studio.

Automate Cherwell Requests

Best Practices for Building Orchestrator Runbooks

This webinar discusses some of the challenges organisations face with Orchestrator, and showcases the new functionality  of the Runbook Studio, including; version control, unlimited runbook creation and team collaboration.

virtual machine provisioning

Automated Cloud VM (Virtual Machine) Provisioning with Kelverion

Watch this webinar to find out how to accelerate automation offerings. Users can request the provisioning of virtual machines with a simple end user interface which is delivered swiftly with automation.


How To Create a 21st Century Service Experience

This webinar focuses on how to automate your organisation’s service experience making it ready and capable of handling the needs of a 21st Century business.


Accellerate Automation with Fully Configured Automation Solution Packs

In Partnership with AFJ Solutions

Discover how to fast-track your Cherwell automation journey with Kelverion’s deployment ready Automation Solution Packs. 

Partner Webinars

Automate Cherwell Requests

The Power of Automating Cherwell Service Requests

In Partnership with AFJ Solutions

This webinar covers benefits and value of automation, the inefficiencies of request fulfilment today and how these can be transformed with Service Request Automation. 


Achieve 400% Return on Investment With EasyVista Service Request Automation

In Partnership with FMX Solutions

Join Greg Charman (Kelverion) and Chris Miller (FMX Solutions) who demonstrate the automation of three use cases within EasyVista.