The Kelverion VM Provisioning and Management Solution enables System Center users to create and manage Virtual Machine instances either on premise or in the public cloud from the Kelverion Automation Portal. Previous versions of this Solution have relied upon System Center Service Manager deployment, which has now been replaced by the Kelverion Automation Portal.

This is a fully adaptable solution which is easily extendable to use your own third party Service Catalogue or Service Request System such as BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, CA Service Desk Manager, HP Service Manager or System Center Service Manager to initiate the process.

The solution is not restricted to Microsoft HyperV and can also provision VMware, Windows Azure or Amazon EC2 VMs or all four simultaneously, or alternatively the Self-Service migration of VMs between hypervisors.

This System Center Orchestrator driven solution delivers a number of fully automated functions including:

  • Kelverion Automation Portal Service Catalogue integration.
  • VM automatically deployed in infrastructure based on portal selections.

Automated Self Service Portal offerings for:

  • Changing VM Resource Allocation.

  • VM Maintenance including.
  • Resume VM.
  • Revert to VM Checkpoint.
  • Start VM.
  • Stop VM.
  • VM CI created in the PDS CMDB tables.

The offering can be easily extended to enable heterogeneous system support:

  • Use your own third party Service Catalogue or Service Request System.
  • Create VM Configuration Items in your own CMDB.
  • Self-Service migration of VMs between Hypervisors.
  • Extend to provision Citrix XenServer VMs

This Runbook Solution requires the following Kelverion Integration Packs:

  • Integration Pack for SQL Server.

  • Integration Pack for Runbook Management.

  • Integration Pack for Data Manipulation.
  • Integration Pack for Text Manipulation.
  • Integration Pack for Network Messaging.

Optionally Integration Packs for the target systems.


The solution is delivered as a Kelverion lead installation and configuration. In this option, you provide Kelverion with remote access to your environment and then a Kelverion consultant will lead the installation and configuration of the solution into your environment and you will provide the subject matter expertise around your Service Desk, SCCM, and Active Directory infrastructure configuration.

Up to 40 hours of services delivery is included, valid for 12 months from solution purchase to assist with the deployment of this solution


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