More Automation for System Center

The Kelverion Integration Pack for System Center is a compliant integration for the Microsoft System Center Orchestrator IT Process Automation Solution. Microsoft provides a suite of Orchestrator Integration Packs for their System Center toolset, however, these Integration Packs lack certain capabilities that many Orchestrator users desperately need to automate their System Center deployments.

Therefore Kelverion have released this Integration Pack which adds over 50 automation tasks to the existing Microsoft System Center Integration Pack capabilities. Each Integration Pack activity delivers a range of automation tasks for a specific System Center product. This release covers Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Service Manager, Azure Compute, Azure Automation and Service Management Automation (SMA)
Kelverion plan to increase the tasks supported by each activity, please contact us if you require a capability not covered in this release.

Microsoft System Center Activities

  • Run SCCM Task – Add Distribution Point, Add Software Update To Group, Create Package, Create Program, Create Site System Server, Create Software Update Group, Get Device, Get Distribution Point, Get Package, Get Site System Server, Get Software Update, Get Software Update Group, Import Computer, Remove Device, Start Content Distribution, Synchronize Software Update, Update Package, Update Software Update Group

  • Run SCOM Task – Get Management Pack, Get Rule, Get Monitor, Get Class, Get Class Instance, Get Task, Start Task, Get Task Result, Reset Monitoring State and Install Agent.
  • Run SCSM Task – Get Base Configuration Item, Get Class, Get Class Instance, Get Relationship, Get Relationship Instance, Remove Class Instance.

  • Run Azure Compute Task – Add VM Endpoint, Get VM Endpoint, Get VM Endpoint ACL, Get VM Image, Remove VM Endpoint, Set VM Availability Set, Update VM Endpoint, Update VM Endpoint ACL.

  • Run Azure Automation Task – Get Automation Job, Get Automation Runbook, Resume Automation Job, Start Automation Runbook, Stop Automation Job, Suspend Automation Job.

  •  Run SMA Task – Get Job, Get Runbook, Resume Job, Start Runbook, Stop Job, Suspend Job.

Activities subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus.

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