Kelverion offers support and guidance services to customers and partners on all aspects of Automation.

Our support offerings cover both Software Support for our products and Call Off Consultancy Services to assist with automation operational issues, implementation guidance or solution design and architecture.

Support Services


All Kelverion’s Software Products are purchased with Software Maintenance. This covers standard support activities such as problems with installation, connectivity issues and operational issues and provides access to product updates.

Perpetual Software Licenses include the first years software maintentance and then maintenance is renewed annually. Subscription Software Licences include software maintenance.

If you need support with any of our software products you contact


If you have built a series of runbooks and they are not performing correctly, or as speedily as you would like, or you are having platform reliability issues and you are struggling to diagnose the cause or find a solution, then our diagnostic service could be your solution.

We offer short services engagement solutions where one of our consultants will work with you to investigate the issues and ur consultants will then make a series of recommendations on how to resolve your problems and improve the performance and reliability of your environment.


For Customer’s looking for a formal and regular remote support and guidance service we offer our Call Off Support Service.

The Call Off Support solution is a flexible offering where customers engage as required to cover Runbook support issues, implementation guidance or solution design and architecture.

The standard offering provides 3 days call off per quarter.  Services are delivered remotely; by phone, email or web conference.

Support Services