Support Services

Kelverion offers support and guidance services on all aspects of Automation. Our support offerings cover both Software Support for our products and Runbook Support Services to assist with automation operational issues, implementation or solution  architecture.

IT Automation

Software Support

Kelverion’s Software Products come with Software Maintenance. This covers standard support activities such as problems with installation, connectivity or usage issues and provides access to product updates.

Software Maintenance is available to all Customers with an active maintenance contract with Kelverion

Perpetual Software Licenses include the first years software maintenance and then maintenance is renewed annually.

Subscription Software Licences include software maintenance. 

IT Automation

Runbook Support

For a formal and regular remote support and guidance service for the automation deployed in your organisation, we offer our Call-off Support Service.

The Call-off Support service is a flexible offering where customers engage as required to cover Runbook support issues, implementation guidance or solution design and architecture.

The Service provides 24 hours call-off support per quarter delivered remotely; by phone, email or web conference and is ordered and invoiced in advance.

What our customers say about our support team:

“We have been impressed with Kelverion’s team; they are fast to respond, happy to assist, and have a plethora of knowledge about the system”

System Software Analyst, PPG