The Kelverion Integration Pack for SQL server is a compliant integration for the Microsoft Orchestrator IT Process Automation Solution. This Integration Pack enables users to interact with Oracle databases without writing SQL code. The IP for SQL Server provides enhanced user experience and capabilities over the current objects shipped with Orchestrator.

The key capabilities added to your Orchestrator solution include:

  • Automatically builds and executes the necessary commands without the user having to write or understand SQL.
  • Simplifies policy design by automatically mapping table columns to Orchestrator input properties, filters and published data items.
  • Prevents errors by controlling access to read-only fields, enforcing mandatory inputs and by providing value browsers for common data types.
  • Improves performance by using connection pools to reduce the overhead of repeatedly opening and closing database connections.
  • Introduces the ability to monitor database tables for new and/or modified rows.
  • Provides the ability to use a single configuration for Orchestrator connection to a database.


  • Monitor Rows – intermittently polls a database table for rows that have changed.
  • Select Rows – queries a database table and returns the resulting rows as Published Data.
  • Insert Rows – inserts rows into a database table
  • Delete Rows – removes rows from a database table
  • Update Rows – changes data in one or more columns in a row or multiple rows within a table
  • Run Procedure – runs a stored procedure
  • Run Query – lets you run your own SQL queries. Data returned from the query is published as comma delimited text
  • Select Join – Select rows from multiple joined tables using defined join and filter criteria

Activities subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus.