The first problem encountered by an organisation considering taking advantage of IT Process Automation is where to start.

  • What are the candidates for automation?
  • What is the potential impact and benefit from these candidates?
  • How do they support the organisation’s strategic objectives and solve high priority issues.

One of the key start points today with the move to dynamic computing models is a high profile process such as Virtual Lifecycle Management i.e. providing automated self service infrastructure provisioning and decommissioning end to end.

Even with such a process chosen it can be difficult to understand the potential value and return to your organisation.
The IT Process Automation Assessment is a pragmatic approach to understanding both strategic and operational drivers for automation and delivering inputs required for both business case and project initiation.

The assessment process starts with a management review to identify strategic drivers and the areas of the IT organisation to focus the assessment on. Intensive on-site interviews then are scheduled to identify automation candidates and capture metrics for each candidate. Our experience is that with the correct sponsorship, focus and setup these interviews are very constructive and valuable.

Following the on-site interviews the data collected is analysed and organised into ITIL aligned processes and review.

The deliverables are an excel sheet with all the process candidates and metrics collected complete with sources and assumptions and a report on the findings.

An assessment is sized by scope of the organisation covered, number of locations and number of interviews scheduled. Kelverion has developed a standard focused Assessment which includes 2 consecutive days on site and takes 8-10 man days to complete.

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