Enabling Salesforce to be an integral component of an Automated IT Environment

The Kelverion Integration Pack for Salesforce is an add-on for System Center Orchestrator that enables integration with the Salesforce platform. The Integration Pack supports Salesforce Enterprise and Developer versions.

The Integration Pack delivers a range of re-usable objects to automate IT functions such as:

  • Synchronization of Salesforce related information – Customer related data usually resides on various systems within an organization, including the Salesforce system. Keeping this information update across all platforms allows Salesforce agents to deliver quality customer service.

  • Direct Customer Interactions – Forwarding customer request directly to backend systems, accompanied by near real time status feedbacks, accelerate business processes and increase customer satisfaction.

IP for Salesforce Activities

This integration pack adds the KA Salesforce category to the Activities pane in the Client. This category contains the following activities:

  • Create Record – Insert a new Salesforce record for a specified object type. Depending on the selected object type, different required and optional input properties are presented. Only “creatable” object types will be presented by the activity i.e. object types which Salesforce defines can be created.
  • Delete Record – Delete a Salesforce record of the specified object type.

  • Get Limits – Retrieve the API limits for your Salesforce environment.

  • Get Record – Retrieve existing Salesforce object records according to the specified filter criteria. Depending on the selected object type, filters specific to the object type will be presented.
  • Monitor Record – The Monitor Record activity can be used in a Runbook to detect newly created or updated Salesforce records.
  • Update Record – Update existing Salesforce records.

Activities subscribe and publish data to the Orchestrator databus.

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