The Integration Module for ServiceNow provides rich bi-directional integration and automation of ServiceNow using Microsoft Azure Automation.

The Integration Module provides a powerful integration capability for writing Azure Automation and Service Management Automation runbooks as well as being usable in PowerShell scripts. Using Kelverion smart discovery the Integration Module interrogates the ServiceNow instance and discovers how it has been configured providing a forms based view of the tables, fields, properties and allowed inputs for mandatory and optional fields.

This significantly reduces the complexity of integration and level of knowledge required of APIs and ServiceNow configuration, simplifying the process of building and supporting automation runbooks.

This Integration Module enables users to:

  • Build runbooks with script free interaction with ServiceNow
  • Simplify Runbook design by automatically mapping table columns to Azure Automation input properties, filters and published data items.
  • Create, Delete, Update and Get Records in ServiceNow.
  • Access all ServiceNow tables including; Incident, Change, Problem, Service Catalogue and CMDB.
  • Provide support for importing data into ServiceNow using import sets

Integration Module Activities

The Integration Module supports current ServiceNow releases including London, Madrid and New York

To take full advantage of Kelverion Integration Module for ServiceNow please review the Kelverion Runbook Studio authoring application, where you will be able to download a free trial.

As a runbook designer you no longer need to be an expert in the target system to build Azure Automation Runbooks, significantly reducing build time and increasing supportability of your automation solutions.

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