The Kelverion Integration Module for Data Manipulation has been designed to enable users to easily manipulate input data or compose output data to / from Azure Published Data. This Integration Module provides the perfect link for those that are currently using our Orchestrator Data Manipulation Integration Pack as they convert their automation from on-premise to a cloud based solution.

The Orchestrator Integration Pack for Data manipulation enables users to easily parse, manipulate input data or compose output data to and from an Orchestrator Published Databus in XML, CSV or JSON formats by using configuration files which told Orchestrator how to decompose or compose the source data.
Orchestrator workflow designers will have created a wealth of existing configuration files to convert their input and output data.

When they come to move their existing automation flows to Azure Automation they would normally be faced with rebuilding these data conversions using native PowerShell functionality. This Integration Module converts the existing Orchestrator manipulation config files directly into PowerShell for use within Azure Automation in a set of activities that not only provide the capability to parse, manipulate and compose detailed textual information but also to present this data as individual items on the published Azure Automation Databus.
This Integration Module enables users to:

  • Apply XSLT

  • Compose Text

  • Convert XML to JSON

  • Convert JSON to XML

  • Parse Text

To take full advantage of Kelverion Integration Module for Data Manipulation please review the Kelverion Runbook Studio authoring application here, where you will be able to download a free trial.
As a runbook designer you no longer need to be an expert in the target system to build Azure Automation Runbooks, significantly reducing build time and increasing supportability of your automation solutions.

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