Orchestrator Enhancement Pack

The Enhancement Pack includes 9 Integration Packs that simplify and improve the day to day operation of Orchestrator, developed over time and used daily by our professional services teams both in their daily lives but also with any service engagements they find themselves involved with.

Get Started with Orchestrator

With 9 Integration Packs, the Enhancement Pack provides the perfect starting point to your automation journey within Microsoft System Center Orchestrator.

Integration Pack for SQL Server

This Integration Pack provides significantly improved capabilities and enhanced user experience over the native database activities shipped with Orchestrator. The SQL Server database interactions included range from automatic runbook mapping to running custom SQL queries.


Integration Pack for Data Manipulation

Provides highly customizable objects that allow users to parse, manipulate and compose detailed XML, JSON, HTTP or CSV textual information in a single activity and present each extracted data field as an individual item on the Orchestrator Published Databus.

Integration Pack for Oracle

Provides significantly improved capabilities and enhanced user experience over the native database activities shipped with Orchestrator. The IP for Oracle automatically builds and executes necessary commands, removing the need for knowledge of SQL

Integration Pack for Runbook Management

One of the challenges of Orchestrator is ‘How do we achieve automation management of the automation tool?’ The Runbook Management IP enables users to stop or start Runbooks within the context of Runbooks, without the need for complex external scripts.


Integration Pack for Email

This Integration Pack enables Runbooks to send and retrieve emails, monitor for new email messages and manage existing ones on the email server. It is compatible with servers implementing the standards SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.

Integration Pack for Network Messaging

Less common or custom systems which Orchestrator cannot access yet can be integrated using this Integration Pack. It allows developers to address systems directly on the transport or the application layer of the network protocol stack, enabling flexible and highly adaptable data exchange.

Integration Pack for Text Manipulation

This Integration Pack contains a number of easy to use activities which enable users to perform a variety of text manipulation tasks, such as splitting, joining and comparing text, which can be very difficult to achieve using Orchestrator’s native Data Manipulation Functions. The results are available on the Published Databus for processing by subsequent Orchestrator activities.


Integration Pack for System Center 2016

This Integration Pack extends the existing Microsoft System Center 2016 IP functionality to provide additional capabilities commonly requested by Orchestrator users. It enables integration and automation of task with System Center Configuration Manager and System Center Operations Manager.

Integration Pack for Runbook Surveyor

Documentation of Orchestrator Runbooks is usually part of the development cycle. This utility enables users to document their solution directly from Orchestrator environment. Runbook Surveyor automatically produces a series of Visio Diagrams and a Word Document detailing complete Runbook applications and their configurations.

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