For customers running a hybrid on premise Exchange and Office 365 solution then User account administration is done in the on premise Exchange system and synchronized with Office 365.
Customers who wish to run an Office 365 only solution must now do their Administration via the Office 365 web portal or PowerShell.

The Kelverion Integration Pack for Microsoft Office 365 is a compliant integration for the Microsoft System Center Orchestrator IT Process Automation Solution. The Integration Pack provides a set of activities for Office 365 Exchange and a set for Skype for Business. The Integration Pack enables pre-defined integration and automation capabilities associated with administrating Office 365 Exchange Email and Skype for business via Orchestrator.

The Integration Pack delivers a range of re-usable activities to automate IT functions such as:

  • Automated Provisioning – automate the creation of New Email boxes or Skype for Business Accounts directly from Service Requests.

  • Management of Office 365 – automate management of Exchange or Skype for Business Users to support business demands and remove manual effort.

  • Management of SharePoint Online – Automate management of SharePoint sites and users including adding, removing, updating and assigning permissions


Exchange Activities

  • Add Distribution Group

  • Add Distribution Group Member

  • Add Transport Rule

  • Disable Mailbox Litigation Hold

  • Enable Mailbox Litigation Hold

  • Get Transport Rule

  • Remove Transport Rule

  • Remove Transport Rule Action

  • Get Distribution Group

  • Remove Distribution Group Member

  • Set Transport Rule Action

  • Update Distribution Group

  • Update Distribution Group Members

  • Update Mailbox Litigation Hold

  • Update Transport Rule

Skype Activities

  • Get Client Policy

  • Get Conferencing Policy

  • Get Dial Plan

  • Get External Access Policy

  • Get Hosted Voicemail Policy

  • Get Online User

  • Grant Client Policy

  • Grant Conferencing Policy

  • Grant Dial Plan

  • Grant External Access Policy

  • Grant Hosted Voicemail Policy

  • Remove Client Policy

  • Remove Dial Plan

  • Remove Hosted voicemail Policy

Sharepoint Activities

  • Add Site

  • Add Site User

  • Assign Site Permissions

  • Decode Claim

  • Encode Claim

  • Get Site

  • Get Site User

  • Remove Site

  • Remove Site Permissions

  • Remove Site User

  • Update Site

  • Update Site User

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