The ideal solution to CDMB population and management is to use the Asset data discovered by your Enterprise Management tools to populate your CMDB. This insures the data in your CMDB is the same as that seen by the Management tools and hence your Operations staff and you only gather management data once.

This CMDB Population Solution enables System Center users to achieve this panacea and populate their CMDB with the Asset data collected by SCCM and SCOM which is entered automatically into the CMDB via Orchestrator. Previous versions of this Solution have relied upon System Center Service Manager, which has now been removed.

This Orchestrator driven solution delivers a number of fully automated functions:

  • Populate your CMDB with all New Assets discovered by SCCM and SCOM.

  • Automatically update your CMDB with changes to Assets discovered by SCCM and SCOM.
  • Automatically builds Relationships between Assets as discovered and defined by SCCM and SCOM.
  • Deletes Assets from your CMDB when you delete them from the SCCM and SCOM management tools.

The offering discovers a range of CI types that customers typically wish to populate into their CMDB (see Appendix A of deployment guide), the solution can then be extend to forward any additional data points captured by SCCM and SCOM you want added into your CMDB.
Therefore you populate your CMDB with only the data you want and none of the data you don’t.

The solution comes ready built with Runbooks to automate the population of the ServiceNow CMDB but can be configured to populate any other CMDB for which integration exists including:

  • BMC Remedy ARS and BMC Remedy on Demand.

  • BMC Remedyforce.

  • CA Service Desk Manager.

The Kelverion CMDB Population Solution leverages the Persistent Data Store design philosophy and the Kelverion Orchestrator Integration Packs to provide a scalable and robust solution.

The Automation Solution requires the following Kelverion Integration Packs:

  • Integration Pack for SQL Server.
  • Integration Pack for Data Manipulation.

  • Integration Pack for Runbook Management.


The solution is delivered as a Kelverion lead installation and configuration. In this option, you provide Kelverion with remote access to your environment and then a Kelverion consultant will lead the installation and configuration of the solution into your environment and you will provide the subject matter expertise around your CMDB configuration.

Up to 40 hours of services delivery is included, valid for 12 months from solution purchase to assist with the deployment of this solution

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