Integration Pack for BMC RemedyForce

Description and Features
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RemedyForce is one of a number of new Cloud based Service Desks now available to companies.

RemedyForce is an ITSM application offering from BMC built on the Salesforce App Cloud.

The actual interaction and automation with RemedyForce is provided via the Salesforce Integration Pack which allows interaction with the RemedyForce application and the supporting tables provided by the wider SalesForce platform.

The Salesforce Integration Pack enables users to create, update, get and monitor records in BMC Remedyforce.

The Integration Pack delivers a range of re-usable objects to automate IT Functions such as:

Service Desk – create service records from a wide range of enterprise management tools or custom sources.

Monitor Service Records – monitor for new or changed service records to automate the diagnostic/remediation process.



Watch a demonstration of the Integration Pack for BMC Salesforce below:

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