When planning an upgrade to Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2022, one of the key considerations for many organizations is maintaining an integration with VMware vSphere.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Integration Pack for VMware vSphere has not received updates for a significant period, nor has it been overhauled to support Orchestrator 2022. The existing version of the Microsoft Integration Pack covers version 5.5 of vSphere, which reached the end of support on September 19th 2018. VMware’s current release level is version 8.0.

Following customer requests, Kelverion developed an extensive vSphere Integration Pack in 2017 for vSphere versions 6.0 and vSphere 6.5 with full support and updates for future vSphere versions.

The Kelverion VMware vSphere Integration Pack has been consistently updated with customer-driven enhancement requests over the last six years. The vSphere integration is now at version 4.0, adding support for Orchestrator 2022, supporting VMware vSphere vCenter 6.7, 7.0 and 8.0 and providing integration with vRealize Operations.

vSphere Integration

Version 4.0 provides the following activities in the vSphere Integration Pack:

  • Add VM Device: Easily add a device to a virtual machine within your vSphere environment.
  • Create VM: Streamline the process of creating virtual machines, reducing manual effort.
  • Create VM From Template: Efficiently create new virtual machines using existing templates.
  • Delete VM: Simplify the deletion of virtual machines.
  • Get Custom Attribute: Retrieve custom attributes associated with vSphere objects for further processing.
  • Get vSphere Object: Access detailed information about vSphere objects, facilitating decision-making processes.
  • Move VM: Seamlessly move virtual machines between hosts or data stores.
  • Restart VM: Initiate the restart of virtual machines, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Run vROps Script: Execute scripts within vRealize Operations, automating complex tasks.
  • Run vSphere Script: Run scripts directly in vSphere, extending the capabilities of your automation workflows.
  • Set Custom Attribute: Set or update custom attributes for vSphere objects, allowing for advanced customization.
  • Start VM: Initiate the startup of virtual machines, enabling efficient resource allocation.
  • Stop VM: Gracefully shut down virtual machines, ensuring proper resource management.
  • Suspend VM: Temporarily suspend virtual machines, conserving resources during specific scenarios.
  • Update VM: Effortlessly update virtual machine configurations, accommodating changing requirements.

The good news for vSphere customers automating their vSphere environment with Orchestrator is that organizations can now use the Kelverion vSphere integration for all current versions of Orchestrator, including Orchestrator 2022.

If you need the vSphere integration for either Orchestrator 2016, 2019 or 2022 please download the Kelverion Integration Pack for VMware vSphere here.

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